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Welcome to the Master in
Economic Theory

The Master in Economic Theory is a prestigious program designed to equip students with the necessary technical skills and knowledge to excel in a top-tier Economics PhD program. Our program offers a rigorous academic environment under the guidance of experienced faculty members. Our faculty consists of accomplished individuals whose main activities involve teaching and publishing research papers in reputable international peer-reviewed journals. By enrolling in our program, you will gain valuable experience and lay a solid foundation for future scholarly pursuits.


+ 20
years of experience
+ 120
students sent to Economics PhD programs
+ 60 %
enrolled in top 20 Economics PhD programs worldwide

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Why should I study this Master at ITAM?

The Master in Economic Theory is a specialized program designed for students interested in pursuing an academic career and seeking to prepare themselves for admission to prestigious PhD programs. The program specifically targets students who have recently completed or are about to complete their undergraduate degree in Economics or related fields.

There exists a substantial disparity between the level of knowledge and technical skills acquired during undergraduate studies and those required for a PhD program. Our Master's program endeavors to bridge this gap by offering a comprehensive curriculum of 14 courses encompassing mathematics, econometrics, microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. Most courses are conducted in English by our international faculty. Recognizing that rigorous research lies at the core of a PhD program, our Master's program also provides students with an initial exposure to academic research, fostering interaction and guidance from our faculty.

Our Master is a prestigious program with an exceptional track record of successful placements. Over the course of more than 20 years, we have facilitated the enrollment of over 120 students in PhD programs across the United States and worldwide. Our faculty comprises accomplished international researchers who have obtained their PhD degrees from renowned universities. Their publication record in high-quality international peer-reviewed journals has established the Center for Economic Research at ITAM as a leading institution for scientific development in Mexico and Latin America. This reputation is further bolstered by our high-quality weekly seminar series, where top researchers from the United States and around the world present their most recent work. These are the building blocks of our program, that has a proud record of sending well prepared candidates to top PhD programs, such as Berkeley, Chicago, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale, to name a few examples. Finally, ITAM also offers the opportunity to those students wishing to continue their PhD studies with us, to do so after finishing the Master program.

Maestría en Mercadotecnia ITAM

10 reasons to
study our Master program at ITAM

  1. Program designed for students interested in enrolling at a PhD
  2. Courses lectured by 100% PhD level faculty
  3. Rich track record of placements at PhDs worldwide
  4. Faculty affiliated to ITAM’s Center for Economic Research
  5. Development of research projects under our faculty’s supervision
  6. Regular research seminar with invited presenters
  7. Contact with Economic Departments from universities worldwide
  8. Scholarships for high performing students
  9. Continuation to our PhD program if desired
  10. We welcome applications from all nationalities

Economics PhD programs’ placement

Our Master program has a long trajectory of placing alumni in top Economics PhD programs. In the last 10 years, our alumni have successfully enrolled in a wide diversity of prestigious programs. Some examples include:


  • Boston University
  • Brown
  • Caltech
  • Chicago
  • Harvard
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • MIT
  • Northwestern
  • Princeton
  • Rochester
  • Stanford
  • UCLA
  • UCSD
  • UPenn

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